We’re All Mavericks, Now

Stole that title from Rush. Been thinking along those lines for years.

Made this comment over at The Jawa Report.


The greedy, money-grubbing, vote-for-us-because-the-other-side-is-worse Republican Party treats “conservatives” like Democrats treat blacks, and 91% of “conservatives” keep voting Republican.

Give up on the idea of political parties. Build Coalitions of the Like-minded instead. Become a non-hiearchical, entrepreneurial, distributed swarm of attacking Irregular Culture Warriors, making life miserable for Cultural Marxists, and multi-culti carbon dispensationalist tranzies while providing aid and comfort to American Exceptionalists, rugged individualists, Constitutionalists, and the rest of the bitter clingers who have turned their backs on the Republican party but yet cannot abide what the Democrat Party has become.

Don’t vote for incumbents. Period.

What are you “conservatives” trying to conserve?

I need to figure out a way to incorporate that into my Grand Unified Field Theory of Counterinsurgent Supportive Communications magnum opus that I failed to interest greater talents than mine in writing.

Counterinsurgent Supportive Communicators have to fight the Culture War and the Cold Civil War in America to get their messages past the Insurgent Supportive Communicators who control so much of the vocabulary and media. Insurgent Supportive Communicators are powerful operatives of one major American political party’s agit-prop al-Sahab apparat. The political appointees, career bureaucrats, career officers, and contracted ex-career officers who get paid tax money to be Regular Counterinsurgent Supportive Communicators can’t/won’t/don’t want to deal with the consequences of admitting their own impotence to defend the Constitution of the United States from domestic enemies, and are not particularly appreciative of Irregulars who mention the unmentionable.




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3 responses to “We’re All Mavericks, Now

  1. It is not failed! I have most of a long post written out on a legal pad. I should be getting back to it in a few days.

  2. Well, good!

    How are you and I and phil and the Dreaming 5GW crew going to get some big blogger linkage on what you end up writing?

  3. That is the big problem…how to break out.

    I addressed this relatedly at a comment on D5GW:


    Here is some quick brainstorming…

    I am open for thoughts. I don’t think REDDIT or DIGG (lefty strong hold) will be of help. A link from politics.slashdot.com, realclearpolitics.com or instapundit would be helpful in driving new traffic.

    A series of 30m-60m podcast might be useful. They would need a transcript that is googable. Use the “Security Now podcast” as a basis for how to do this ( http://www.grc.com/securitynow.htm ).

    How about a virtual conference or virtual roundtable using invited political and mil bloggers?

    I think we need to have a few short run books also, so our work can be cited and linked to on amazon.com.