Money may not buy you love, but it sure pays for propaganda.

What politicians can we trust? What major, or 3rd or 4th party, has no powerful figures that have not been bribed to manage our perceptions?
Heard this read out loud on the radio and it really hit me how We The People have been played like fiddles in a massive influence operation. Read the whole thing, with particular attention to:

Big bucks are allowing the oil sultans and dictators to intimidate US allies, buy politicians and academics, and purchase election outcomes.

I cringe every time I see that pic of Bandar’s brother smooching The King.

The oil sheikhs can “tweak” attitudes towards extremism and terrorism, and buy access to politicians through lobbying and campaign contributions.

Unindicted co-conspirators. Think about how much your Representative spends on getting re-elected. They only make $338,600 honest dollars in a two-year term.

Al Jazeera, the Qatari Arabic and English language TV is a propaganda arm with global reach. Viciously anti-American, it talks to tens of millions of Arabic speaking Muslims worldwide, as well as audiences in Pakistan, India, London and Detroit.

See Al Jazeera Has 2432 videos on YouTube. Up to 4081 now.

Riyyadh also employs an army of lobbyists and other “influencers” in Washington, London, Brussels and elsewhere around the world. These shadow mercenaries promote a benign image for the Kingdom.

They appear on TV, write newspaper and journal articles, direct university programs on Islamic or Middle Eastern studies. Saudi princes have poured tens of millions into prestigious universities, from Georgetown and Harvard to Cambridge and Edinburgh.

Former senior government officials and ambassadors are on the royal payroll influencing their colleagues in the diplomatic service. This is how the Saudi “peace plan” calling for undermining Israel through a massive influx of Palestinian “refugees” received US support at the highest levels.

This is how the Carter Center in Atlanta ended up taking millions in Gulf oil money. This is why Jimmy Carter looks like he’s shilling for the Iranian-Saudi client, Hamas.

So who is clean?

I violate Article 88 so that you Regulars don’t have to. Plausibly deniable auxiliaries beyond the reach of retribution have their uses, you know.


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