Fear, Uncertainty, Despair

Whatever the hell we’re calling the Third Great Counter-Jihad these days, Israel is an ally of ours in it, and their particular piece of it is a campaign of the same conflict being waged in Iraq, Afghanistan, Philippines, Horn of Africa, Algeria, Chechnya, Pakistan, Kashmir, and India. The Tactics, Techniques and Procedures common to one geographical campaign tend to be shared. Variations of whatever works on Israelis usually gets tried on Americans.

Read Israel’s War On Despair for a great illustration of a Morale Operation.  Israel is not America, but we have much in common, like

an intelligentsia that is no longer confident of the nation’s right to its own . . . identity.


revisionist historians have told corrosive lies about their country’s history, portraying it as having been born in sin.

Read the whole thing.


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