“there is no cohesive and comprehensive outreach and communications strategy in place to confront this threat,”

Internet A Growing Threat From Terrorists, Report Says

A Senate homeland security committee report set for release Thursday  details a growing threat from terrorists’ use of the Internet as a recruiting and training tool. The report concludes that the U.S. government should consider its own outreach program as a counter to the Web strategies of groups such as Al Qaeda.

The US government is so far behind the power curve in countering enemy Web strategies the best thing they could do would be to stay out of the Irregulars’ way. The “Loyal Opposition” in our government won’t allow any counter-ideology because their base shares many tenets in common.

UPDATE:  Congressional Report: Terrorist Groups Have Upper Hand On The Internet, Urges Greater U.S. Response

Chairman Lieberman in his report said the terrorist groups like al-Qaida have the upper hand as far as spreading its messages through the internet goes and highlighted the need for the United States to develop a counter-propaganda communications plan to counter the radical Islamic messages.

The politically correct, multicultural, environmentalist whacko transnational progressives who kicked Lieberman out of their party don’t want counter-propaganda. Too many themes in common.




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2 responses to ““there is no cohesive and comprehensive outreach and communications strategy in place to confront this threat,”

  1. One of the reasons they have the upper hand, if they do have the upper hand, is because there are American companies that are willing to host them!!!!

    It would behoove Mr. Lieberman to make sure that the laws governing assisting the al-Qaida’s of this world, already in place, are enforced!

  2. Enacting legislation is easier than actually enforcing the laws our sausage makers grind out for us. The enforcement part they can dump on elements of the Executive branch, or the States. Their level of seriousness shows up in the funding they provide for enforcement. Unfunded mandates = posturing.

    The al Qaedas of this world have inalienable rights, among which are the right to have websites hosted on American servers, and anybody who would deny them their rights must answer to CAIR, the ACLU, and influential members of the “Loyal Opposition”.