Squealing Like Castrated Boars

From MSM giant Gannett’s Q-ship Navy Times  a USA Today piece: New DoD Web sites counter enemy rhetoric. Listen to the the oxen loudly protest being gored.

“This is about trying to control the message, either by bypassing the media or putting your version of the message out before others (and) … there’s a heavy responsibility to let people know where you’re coming from,” said Amy Mitchell, deputy director at the Project for Excellence in Journalism.


The Web sites suggest a pattern of Pentagon efforts to promote its agenda by disseminating information through what appear to be independent outlets, said Marvin Kalb, a fellow at Harvard University’s Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy.

“This is deliberate deception, and it’s bad … (because) it weakens the image of journalism as an objective bystander,” Kalb said, noting that many of the Pentagon’s intended audiences live in a world where they expect the government to control their news. “We’re the exception, and unfortunately, we begin to look more and more like the rest of the world when we do this sort of thing.”

The illusion of journalism as an objective bystander was debunked for a lot of people in February, 1968 and never bought in to at all by many. Watergate confirmed the suspicion. The MSM was in the tank for the North Vietnamese, the Nixon-haters, the Reagan-haters, the Bush-haters.  They want to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable, but in their eyes the comfortable are always from one political party. 

Relentless, destructive critique of MSM persons and publications is among the most important tasks of bloggers, commenters, and tipsters of the Amriki tribe. 

Sounds like the ‘Trans-Regional Web Initiative’ is up and running.



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4 responses to “Squealing Like Castrated Boars

  1. I don’t understand what the big fuss is about this website. It’s attributable to the DoD, so I’m not sure why the press is getting their panties in a bunch.

  2. The MSM shreiks about any DOD effort to bypass them. They have become very protective of what’s left of their power. They still have some, but it is waning, and when the Boomers die off newspapers will die off with them. The old ways of deciding what The People will know have been changed by empowed People, and the former deciders don’t like that.

    The Guild is desperate.

    Too many computer-literate ex-consumers of their “product” have seen the man behind the curtain. Not just sports but all reporting and punditry can be done over the Internet by anybody who wants to do it. Their hit counters tell them how well they are received. That’s a meritocracy that doesn’t care about Bissinger’s Pulitzer.

  3. Insufficiently Sensitive

    Bravo Cannonneer. Saw your comment on Pajamas Media’s piece on the AP. Afflicting the comfortable at the AP, the MSM and particularly NPR and PBS is a major duty of citizens who value information over indoctrination.

  4. They’re feeling the heat. We need to turn it up.

    They’re pushing back. They are deperate to kill the blog brand.