Seconded to the Afghan Constabulary

This idea returned to my forebrain while I was reading Linchpin in Afghan security: a better police force:

If we ever want to get out of Afghanistan we need to step up the pace on getting the ANA and the ANP ready for prime time.  The ANA is coming along slowly, with the ANP three to five years behind them. How do we expedite making a credible national police force out of the ANP?

Maybe some neo-colonial free enterprise, combining best practices of a century ago with the flexibility and client-contractor dynamic of the Private Military Company.

Unless you’re a military history aficionado you probably don’t know about the Philippine Constabulary.  That would be a pretty good template for long-term expat leadership after NATO/ISAF and much of OEF declares victory and leaves.  U. S. Department of Justice ought to get into the war.  DOJ, not DOD, should contract with somebody like Dyncorp to provide contractor cadre for the ANP.  Not PMT’s but actual Deputy District Chiefs and such, with real command authority, on four- or five-year contracts at damn good pay.  They would be the men charged with extending the writ of Kabul to corners of Afghanistan where that writ has never run before.  They would be the men who would reduce the corruption to an acceptable standard for that part of the world.  Let the contractor hire cops and soldiers from all over the Free World, subject to screening, and give interested U. S. service members leave without pay to take these jobs.

Karzai would bitch.  Democrats would bitch louder.  That’s a feature, not a bug.





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