High-Payoff Targets

From TF 134 Strategic Communications Plan:

In fire support terms, High-Payoff Targets (HPTs) are those targets whose loss to the enemy will most contribute to the success of the friendly course of action. In communication terms, high-payoff targets are most often referred to as Key Audiences—that is, those audiences who can appreciably affect the success or failure of the counterinsurgency mission here.
• The Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen of Task Force 134
• Internees and their families, Tribal Chiefs and Sheiks
• The Iraqi People and their Leaders
• The Middle Eastern Islamic Community
• Coalition Nations, United Nations Partners and Non-Governmental Organizations
Our Own Communities and U.S. National Decision Makers
We must never take for granted the support we have at home. Without it we would be unable to persevere; a necessity in times such as these. Sharing our successes with those at home is essential to preserving U.S. popular and political will.

Camp Cropper ain’t Luft Stalag III. That which we needed four years ago we now have in great abundance thanks to Lynndie England’s Blue Falconry.

In fire support targeting, the best places to engage HPTs are called Targeted Areas of Influence (TAIs). In communication planning, these points or areas where the organization can best influence a target are not only geographic, but modal as well. That is, organizational communication engages key audiences regionally and through various targeting modes to include traditional news media and interpersonal transactions that encourage supportive behavior.
• Command Leadership
• Iraqi News Media
Nearly 80 percent of Iraqis cite television as their most important source of information. We will be aggressive in securing their interest, and open to providing them the greatest access possible.
• Middle Eastern News Media
Arabic-language news organizations have tremendous reach; we will leverage this capability to speak to the greater Islamic community throughout the region.
• Arab Religious and Academic Influencers
• Senior Coalition, United Nations and Non-Governmental Leaders
• Western News Media
The western press is here in Iraq, and they are curious about what we do. Again, transparency is essential, and our enthusiasm in providing access speaks volumes of our intentions. The same can be said of the so-called “hometown” news agencies, which might not have a presence in Iraq, but can certainly be targeted through direct communication.

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