Abnaa al-Amriki

Regime change in America has been the shared short-term common goal of both the oppositional elements within our own polity and the stateless, amorphous, ad hoc group of Islamic religious extremists who are conducting a global insurgency of opportunity against us.  That which they have worked so hard to achieve, to the point of killing themselves and others, literally by deed and non-kinetically by word, is going to occur on schedule in nine months just as if they hadn’t expended any effort towards that end at all.  It is not too soon for those who will be Former Regime Loyalists come January to start thinking about their futures.

Under two of the three likely scenarios, COunterINsurgents with a reputation for having served their former Masters too well will suffer retribution.  In the worst-case scenario that retribution could include an all expenses paid vacation at Club Fed.  Ask Scooter Libby if that’s a paranoid wing-nut fantasy.  In the bad- but-better-than-worst-case scenario the retribution will be more of a velvet hammer, survivable but not career enhancing.  Field grades with fond memories of being a butter bar in the Balkans can relive their youth delivering the pizza to Darfurians in Meals On 8-Wheels Stryker Brigade Charity Teams. 

Either of these scenarios will see a lot of good people suffering emotionally from the implicit rejection of the legitimacy and worth of the sacrifices made so far in this war.  Many who can will put in their papers and bail.  Some will stay in the hope of being an agent in place in the cause of damage control, hoping to mitigate the insanity until the adults come back to power.  Some will stay to welcome their new Democratic overlords.

I encourage the Regular Public Affairs/Public Diplomacy/Strategic Communications/Perception Management/persuader-changer-influencer types to start wargaming.  There are Golden Parachutes to pack, rat lines to recon, Auxiliaries to recruit, virtual caches to dig while the environment is still permissive.   If we get the lesser-than-three-evils-best-case-only-because-the-other-two-suck-so-bad scenario these preparations will not have been wasted, because while we were getting ready we were clarifying our thoughts on what flavor of kool aid we’re willing to gulp down and ask for more and what flavors we’ll sip and spit out when nobody is looking.

I think Abnaa al-Amriki sounds a helluva lot better than Fedayeen George, don’t you?

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