But Can He Walk the Walk in 9 Months?

An unconventional era of warfare requires unconventional thinkers. That is because this era’s range of security challenges, from global terrorism to ethnic conflicts, from rogue nations to rising powers, cannot be overcome by traditional military means alone. Conflict will be fundamentally political in nature and will require the integration of all elements of national power [Diplomatic, Information, Military, Economic].  Success, to a large extent, will depend less on imposing one’s will on the enemy or putting bombs on targets, though we must never lose our ability or our will to unsheathe the sword when necessary. Instead, ultimate success or failure will increasingly depend more on shaping the behavior of others, friends and adversaries, and most importantly, the people in between.

Every attempt to change the behavior of fence-sitters and insurgent-supportive elements in the domestic target audience turns to shit.  To even utter the unpalatable truth that there are indeed oppositional elements within the polity who see political advantage in American defeat evokes howls of spittle-flecked invective from the usual suspects, causing most counterinsurgent-supportive types to recoil in disgust and give up any attempt at rational discussion with such people.

I don’t foresee many nails following Secretary Gates’ request standing up to be hammered.  I’m beginning to think truly unconventional political warfare is beyond the capability of anybody on the inside.  Unless they cover their tracks really well.



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2 responses to “But Can He Walk the Walk in 9 Months?

  1. “I’m beginning to think truly unconventional political warfare is beyond the capability of anybody on the inside.”

    You and me both. Perhaps the only exception being those insiders infected with one strain or another of BDS waging political war against a sitting president in a time of war. And those who wage political warfare to defend the interests of their bureaucracy against efforts at innovation and reform. It seems there are a lot of people who are capable of political warfare, they are just not capable or willing to do it in a way that would benefit America (that would be crude jingoism), rather they are more than willing to do it in a way that will harm our country (that would be enlightened and sophisticated, dare I say nuanced). Clearly some people have their priorities inverted.

  2. Operatives of the “Loyal Opposition” spent the last 7 years sabotaging and undermining, starting with stealing all the”W” keys off the keyboards in the White House which they thought was funny and cute.

    Payback has unhealthy attractions to the female parental unit.