Dont’ know who this guy is, [UPDATE:  Kat does, see comment #2 below] but I’d follow him.

What can Americans do at this critical hour?  America has to sacrifice today along with her men and women in uniform.  We must be more than an armed services at war and a nation at the mall.  There are some things that America can sacrifice on behalf of her soldiers. 

Sacrifice doubt.

Sacrifice anxiety.

Sacrifice cynicism.

Sacrifice any emotion that will cause us to come home from this war as losers.

It will not be enough to remember our service in this war on slabs of white marble and national monuments of black stone.  That will not be enough for our generation of warriors.  That is only remembering.  But if we want to honor those who will not come home, who gave up their youth, never knew the joys of marriage, never raised a family, will never live to see their grandchildren grow up in the very freedoms that their sacrifice purchased, that we must honor what they fought for and honor the true heroes that gave it all and honor it with victory.

We must never forget that we are Americans.  Our nation has never been built on the labor and hard work of the cynic and the critic.  Americans today are so apprehensive, and we fret about so many things, but the difference between what is good and what is evil has not changed, only the ability of some Americans to identify it. 

Keep the Faith.

Don’t Quit.

God Bless You All

Stolen from This aint Hell, but you can see it from here, with said theft aided and abetted by War Lord Matt. 



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  2. kat-missouri

    That guy is LTC Steve Russel (ret) from task force 121 that helped locate and coordinate the capture of Saddam Hussein. Hooah!