Saw a piece on these Israeli buccaneers a few hours ago and am chagrined that I had never heard of them before.  Terrogence appears to be doing  much the same sort of thing that Internet Anthropologist Think Tank‘s Intel Wiki is trying to do.  Terrogence has managed my perception towards suspecting that they have paying customers for their products.

If I can find the video clip I’ll try to post it here or link to it.  Couldn’t tell from the video if Terrogence is Think Tank 1.0 or Think Tank 2.0.

Meat space militias drew pay when called into service. 

My little effort here is unfunded and mostly unread.  I get just enough encouragement from commenters and intriguing IP addresses from lurkers to keep me from quitting.  My overhead is low and I don’t have to justify my budget to anybody but Cannonette so I can whack moles, say politically incorrect, culturally insensitive, carbon foot print-enlarging things, and spend an inordinate amount of time on projects of my choice.  I blog here to do what I can to counter anti-war, anti-troop, anti-Western, objectively pro-Islamist propaganda and call attention to the failures of .gov /.mil strategic communications/ public diplomacy/ influence operations/ perception management efforts to bolster national will for the Long War/ Global War On Terror/ Third Great Counter-Jihad/ Eleventh Crusade.  I comment on other blogs, many of which advertise and seek donations, and IMHO my contributions on more than one occassion have added content and value.  Sometimes, (not often) people working along similar lines ask my opinion, and I give it to them for free.  I’m an amateur information operator.  Never claimed to be anything else.  I’m not sure that what I have to contribute to the War of ideas is worth money.  That decision is not mine to make.  I don’t anticipate putting any ads on this site, or a PayPal button.  Not criticizing bloggers who do.  Not complaining about any cut supposedly due me for commenting or collaborating on money-making sites. 

Just bringing up this topic for consideration and discussion: 

What, if anything, do money-making blogs/forums/internet think tanks owe commenters, linkers and contributors?

There are all kinds of money-making sites. Some don’t bring in enough to cover expenses. Some break even most of the time. Some pay the bills and give the balance to good causes. Some don’t say what the hell they do with what they bring in. All of them benefit from commenters and linkers. I think participation makes them stronger. Even the trolls add value, sometimes.

Sticking with the nautical meat space metaphors, if a Sea Fencible alerts a privateer to an enemy vessel and the privateer takes it as a prize, does the privateer owe the Sea Fencible a cut of the prize money?

Are there Prize Courts in cyberspace?




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  1. suek

    >>What, if anything, do money-making blogs/forums/internet think tanks owe commenters, linkers and contributers?>>

    Imo, they owe us the truth as they see it. Some have agendas, some don’t – but generally, they have a point of view. Some of them just report facts as they have seen them.

    My husband and I have this disagreement all the time:”See…? You don’t really have a source for (whatever)…it’s just something you saw on a blog”. “So? if it’s on TV or in the news it’s truer? There’s no way to _really_ fact check most reports – you have to read sources you have found to be good, look for opposing views on the same topic, then learn what you can – which will change or re-inforce your opinion of your original source. You can’t do any more with TV or newpapers”. And there it stays.
    On the plus side, though, he’s gotten competitive about trying to stay ahead of me in getting news – he’s gotten annoyed at my finding stuff out before he does. Competitiveness is a funny thing!

  2. Heh. For some reason I’m getting a CIIDG-alanche from this post..

    Missed ya for the Colonel Parks roundtable. That would have been right up your alley – you should peruse the transcript when it’s posted.

  3. I was just listening to it. Are you going to blog that?

    “You should take notes, Jack.”


    Never heard of a CIIDG-alanche. Shirley you jest.

  4. I think they all have agendas, sue. Some try to hide theirs.

    Sounds like you are on the computer more than your husband is. The demographic that still sits down to watch nightly news doesn’t really accept the legitimacy of blogs, and the Old Media is in no great hurry to change that.

    Hey, I have been seeing unfamiliar sites in my stats, and when I go to check them out I find a link to me in their comments section left by you.

    Thanks. That’s as good as a hit of a non-existant PayPal button for me.

  5. Gerald anthro


    Created: 2007-08-18

  6. suek

    >>I think they all have agendas…>>

    I don’t think so. Maybe a difference in how we perceive “agenda”. To me, it means that I have a preconceived idea of how someone will act or think, and if necessary, will tweak an interpretation of someone’s words or actions to fit that idea. _Not_ having an agenda means observing words or actions and interpreting those same in light of one’s own experiences – or observation of the other individual’s past actions or words. As an example, a lib will say “xxx did/said such and such because s/he wants/thinks thus and so. e.g. “Bush declared war in order to benefit his friends in the oil industry.”
    The opposite of this would be a interpretation based on life-experience or observation: “Declaring war on Iraq will result in higher profits for oil companies. Bush owns stock in oil companies. I suspect this is a factor in his decision.” In the first case, there can be no argument – there’s no proof of what Bush “wants” or doesn’t “want”. In the second, any of the premises can be tested for factual basis – which may prove or not prove my suspicions. but the facts are arguable.

    Yes – I’m on the net more than he is – he goes to Fox news on the internet, always read Michael Yon, and reads WSJ daily (or catches up on weekends). But he’s also a Doubting Thomas. He doesn’t trust anybody. Problem with that is that you just can’t really _prove_ everything you need to make judgements on. So I rely on sources he doesn’t feel are proven sources.

    Part of the problem is the muslim problem. He knows I think islam is the root of the problem. He served a year in Saudi Arabia in the ’60s, and finds the idea that muslims are “conspiring” to take over the world ridiculous. The people he knew were peaceable. I’ve told him “this is 40 years later – things change”…but he’s not convinced. Therefore the blogs I frequent are “wacky extremists”. We don’t discuss it much. Makes life more peaceful. We each know where we stand.

    As for links – I try to plant where I can. I pick up some here and some there. I have some “regulars”… I got started on the “war” related blogs when my sons were in Iraq and/or Afghanistan. Starving for word – anything. Some of my “regulars” are politically oriented blogs, and some are “social” blogs, which usually touch on the political on occasion. I try to crossover links from one type to the other. Many on the “political” blogs seem unaware of the milblogs(which I consider you to be).

    I’d almost like to somehow link – however loosely – with some of the bloggers and some of the commenters. I’d really like to meet some of them…but with all the pseudonyms, I suspect it will never happen. There are some really good ones out there…good thinkers, good writers, some one or the other but not both…and I find them in the strangest places! Ymar is one of them…then there’s a ytba…he used to be a major source of links on Dr.Sanity, but he’s disappeared. I ran across him elsewhere once…but I have no idea who he is. Very good though.

  7. an underlying often ideological plan or program

    I have an agenda. I suspect most bloggers do, or they wouldn’t bother.

    BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2008, September 20-21 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Lot of your favorites will be there.

    I don’t claim to be a milblogger but I don’t mind if people think I are one. Good company to be in.

  8. Loose Cannon

    All the Terrogence videos can be found here :