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Haven’t blogged much.  Constipation of the keyboard.  Insufficient regard for the importance of my own opinion to be a real blogger.

Oh, well.  The Leftist view on gun control is captured wonderfully by commenter redherkey on Obama Doesn’t Want You to Defend Yourself at Pajamas Media

Obama’s probably very troubled by the presence of Karate, Judo and other martial arts schools. These operations train citizens in self-defense, leading them to believe that they and not authorized law-enforcement can take defense matters into their own hands. Most programs have advanced levels that train the citizen with deadly force (e.g. “black belt”, which celebrates death in the symbolism of its color). The programs circumvent legal authority and enable the citizen to determine whether one’s rape or robbery is unjust, without the facts about the root cause of action. Instead of allowing the perpetrator to commit the crime and contemplate his/her actions, or permitting law enforcement to investigate, arrest and present the accused before a system that can fully measure the impact of the accused’s childhood, socio-economic background, race and other sources of oppression, the citizen becomes policeman, judge and jury in a single individual.

I don’t have the actual statistics, but like Obama, I have to believe the frequency of harm to citizens is significant when they fight back. At a minimum, the citizen is placed at risk. More alarming is the threat to the mugger, rapist or other emotionally confused individual. Instead of permitting their offense without resistance, which many Obama supporters would feel is a righteous response to societal oppression and economic disparity, too many assaulting individuals become victims of the citizen’s harmful vigilante response. Lethal force often becomes the unbalanced, inequitable response to a minor rape or robbery. Money can be replaced and sexual integrity restored after a violation, but the lives of confused perpetrators cannot be once lost by an unbalanced defense.

This election year provides us all with an opportunity to disarm the citizenry, providing every criminal with a greater chance for economic redistribution or if caught by a designated law-enforcement representative, retraining, re-education, therapy and regrowth through a law enforcement assistance shelter. Martial arts, handguns and other weapons of intolerance can be ended if we just give Obama the chance to change our society.
Apr 5, 2008 – 1:30 pm

Think about how many Americans could read that and not get the joke.

Free citizens of representative republics don’t have to surrender their personal right to ACT in defense of themselves and what they hold dear, even if there are regularly constituted governmental organizations justifying their places at the government tit with their claim that protecting you is their job. Deference for Westphalian nation-state monopolies on the use of deadly force or the use of psychological operations evaporates in the blast wave and smoke of violent non-state actors.


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