Beating Hollywood

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People often complain about Hollywood’s leftward tilt when it comes to Iraq, but few do anything pro-active about it.

JD Johannes is trying to do something about it. 

He has nearly died a few times trying to do something about it.  

Hollywood and the entertainment industry is a business focused on the bottom line.  If people want Hollywood to produce a pro-victory film, or a pro-troop television series, they will have to demonstrate that it is economically viable.

Most of the anti-war films have taken a beating at the box office.

Brian DePalma’s ‘Redacted’ grossed $65,388, but cost $5million to make and
‘Home of the Brave’ only brought in $51,708 domestically.

To put that in perspective, JD  made his documentaries for under $60,000–that is
the trip to Iraq and editing, audio studio, music, digital animations,

To beat ‘Redacted’s’ box office gross, takes the sale of 2,900 DVDs.  Just 2,900 DVDs sold.

To demonstrate to Hollywood and the cable TV networks that a pro-victory documentary is viable, he needs to sell 2,900 in 6 weeks.

2,900 total DVDs.  It doesn’t matter if it is 2,000 individual episodes and 900 of the double-disc trilogy .

2,900 DVDs sold pokes Hollywood in the eye and shows that a pro-victory documentary can beat the studios.

Are you willing to prove to Hollywood that a pro-victory documentary is viable?

Are you willing to take on Hollywood and do something about the ongoing flood of anti-war propaganda films?

If you are, here is what you can do:

  1. If you can afford to, buy a DVD .
  2. If you are a blogger, blog about the movie.
  3. If you are a radio show host, talk about the movie.
  4. If you listen to local talk shows, call up and tell the
     screener/producer about the movie.  (I already do a lot of shows, but
     there is no such thing as too many shows.)
  5. If you are a blog reader, email your favorite bloggers about the movie.  Or, email your favorite columnist/reporter about the movie.

JD’s advertising budget is $0.  They’ve already ran out of money twice while making the movie.

He depends on the kindness of others to help promote the movie .

JD and I am asking for your help.  JD  can make a movie, but it takes people like you to spread the word so people know it exists.

So, do you want to take on Hollywood?  Do you want to poke Hollywood in the eye?

The Outside the Wire Project would not exist without the support of  generous patrons.  Freedom isn’t free, and neither is traveling to Iraq to show a different side of the War on Terror.

Please help support Outside the Wire by purchasing a DVD !

I know this guy.  I bought one of his DVD’s.  It was great. 

Trust me on this.  Buy the DVD.


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5 responses to “Beating Hollywood

  1. civcoin

    OT: from below.

    How do you define success?

    I put out specifics, but retracted. Short answer. when enemies and lost people in hollywood have no choice but to see the truth and are thus horrified by their own mirror image or ignorance.

    Think of it as a communication link, but more graphical than Neo’s wake up call. There are as myriad ways to do this as there are machines in the matrix.

    Deep, deep black ops, civs need gov to butt out, except for money and clearance with safety net. In fact, it needs to be fully clear of any contact to gov for street cred. It should be a friend, of a friend, of a friend, of a….

    There are Morpheus, Trinity and Neos ready to fight, if coaxed thru obvious ways, just clear them from red tape prosecutorial over-indulgences and from any idiots trying to make a name for political gain or fame. The trick is not the techie, it is the truth provided by the techie. Techies are available wholesale for the right purpose or right revenge. It would be horrible, say, if some western techies got hit by eastern online jihadist, now… wouldn’t it? Especially if it cost them prestige in the hood.

    all the best with your efforts. there is a need for your deeds. I’m learning from your site(s).

  2. Hey civcoin. Glad you are learning things on this blog. That is my objective.

    .gov won’t butt out. The existance of virtual militias is a challenge to their whole Information Operations/Public Affairs/Public Diplomacy/Strategic Communications/Public Relations/Perception Management bureaucracy much more threatening to their budgets than cyber jihadis.

  3. JD wrote it, DvdYes. I just modified it a little.

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