Who Still Takes Dahr Jamail Seriously?

Never heard of him?  Lucky you.

Debunking people like him is a necessary task that nobody in our government has the political backing to accomplish.  Civilian Irregular Counterpropagandists can do this.

I first became aware of this via Chief Glenn, who linked to and thus instalanched into blogospheric conciousness Jules Crittenden’sBruce Kesler‘s, and K. Crary’s blog entries on this.

A pack, not a herd. 

Mr. Reynolds may not understand why I have him blogrolled under Cyber Guerilla Chieftains, but I mean it in a good way.  He is a yellow node in the Blogospheric Resisitance.  I was in Anbar when I posted that, and we didn’t have to take malaria pills, so how bad could the malaria be?  The pecker checkers in Afghanistan were always pushing Malarone.


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