Distributed Resistance

Wretchard’s cooking with gas today:

Osama Bin Laden has just said “ouch”.

 What makes the Mohammed Cartoon attack on radical Islam so potent that Bin Laden himself must oppose it, is two things. First, anyone can make fun of radical Islam. Second, the Cartoons are aimed at the weakest point of the Jihad: it’s sources of authority.

What Geert Wilders has done is draw a line in the intellectual sand which he invites everyone to cross.

Many pixels have been burned out arguing that the distributed Islamic insurgency is invincible. But what about distributed resistance? What about distributed blasphemy? How long will Osama Bin Laden’s dogma survive that?

It’s Radical Islam’s worst nightmare: a Swarm directed against authority.

You’ll want to read the whole thing, including the comments.

If you are reading this YOU already have everything you need to join the Resistance.

We can do this.  Irregulars are the only force that can.  The West’s professional satirists, humorists, comedians and film makers lack the courage to lampoon Islam.  The West’s Regular Psychological Operators lack the political support to lampoon Islam because politicians are still peddling PC ROP BS, and we’re trying to train up Muslim boys so American boys can come home.  But professionals aren’t the only players on this field.


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