NYT to Civilian Irregular Information Operators —

Go back to the mall, the Regulars are doing much better than you give them credit for.

Interviews with more than two dozen senior officials involved in the effort provided the outlines of previously unreported missions to mute Al Qaeda’s message, turn the jihadi movement’s own weaknesses against it and illuminate Al Qaeda’s errors whenever possible.

A primary focus has become cyberspace, which is the global safe haven of terrorist networks. To counter efforts by terrorists to plot attacks, raise money and recruit new members on the Internet, the government has mounted a secret campaign to plant bogus e-mail messages and Web site postings, with the intent to sow confusion, dissent and distrust among militant organizations, officials confirm.

Disrupting Cyberprojects

Terrorists hold little or no terrain, except on the Web. “Al Qaeda and other terrorists’ center of gravity lies in the information domain, and it is there that we must engage it,” said Dell L. Dailey, the State Department’s counterterrorism chief.

Some of the government’s most secretive counterterrorism efforts involve disrupting terrorists’ cyberoperations. In Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, specially trained teams have recovered computer hard drives used by terrorists and are turning the terrorists’ tools against them.

“If you can learn something about whatever is on those hard drives, whatever that information might be, you could instill doubt on their part by just countermessaging whatever it is they said they wanted to do or planned to do,” said Brig. Gen. Mark O. Schissler, director of cyberoperations for the Air Force and a former deputy director of the antiterrorism office for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Since terrorists feel safe using the Internet to spread ideology and gather recruits, General Schissler added, “you may be able to interfere with some of that, interrupt some of that.”

“You can also post messages to the opposite of that,” he added.

So, after almost two years, .mil/.gov finally attempts to strategically communicate to me to change my perception that the Regulars are under-resourced, over-lawyered and too PC to win the infowar. 

Wonder why they waited so long.

Think they might be noticing

The Jawa Report

YouTube Smackdown

Civilian Cyber Corps

People’s Information Support Team?

Nah.  They’ve been on top of things all along.  They just couldn’t tell us or they’d have to kill us.



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3 responses to “NYT to Civilian Irregular Information Operators —

  1. Aaron

    Truth be told it took them six years to make a decision.

    See also:


  2. You are right, but I have only been been blogging about for two.

    IH has been at it longer than I have; in fact, IH was one of my inspirations.

    Here is a discussion you might weigh in on:

  3. Grimmy

    General Patton (and the imaginary army) in southern England was one of the major indicators to the Germans that the landings at Normandy were just a diversionary attack.

    The noise of discontent and recrimination rising up due to our complete and total lack of engagement on the cyber front was, possibly, much to the same effect.

    Of course, as with all things… if it ain’t front and center 24/7/52 on every screen of the msm, it don’t exist or aint happening, right?