Civilian Cyber Corps

You won’t have to say you shoveled shit in Louisiana.

Tired of the mall, yet?

Tired of waiting for the Bush Administration or The Government to mobilize you?

Mobilize yourself.



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7 responses to “Civilian Cyber Corps

  1. suek

    Found these two of interest this am:

    The second link is interesting, but there are a couple of lengthy comments that are even more so.

  2. That comment section devolved into nastiness real quick.

  3. Most people are followers or repeat their leaders tell them. Which is why the recognition of social hierarchies like the tribal system is so important. You gain control of the many through the control of a select few of leaders.

    Legends of the Galactic Heroes said something interesting, in that democracy or rule of the majority is itself contradictory. If 51% can rule, it only takes about 25% to decide the movement and direction of that 51%. So 100% of the population can be controled by 25%, and the pyramid scheme just keeps on going as well. 25% by 10%, 10 by 5, 5 by .001.

  4. Essentially my point is that while comment threads devolve because of a great many loudmouths and disagreement between numerous people, the key ingredient is that only a few people are required to control the majority. Target those few people and everybody else falls by the wayside, regardless of how many the enemy seems.

  5. Sounds like a riot control tactic.

  6. suek

    You’re right about the devolvement – I must have read it early – most of that stuff wasn’t there (Starting with the “salvage…” comment).
    That’s kind of the curse of being a “big name” blog, I think…there are certain people “assigned” (the .001% ?) to watch for threads that vocal liberals object to, then they’re apparently posted somewhere (Huf post, maybe?) and the locusts descend with all possible disruption.
    There’s one blog I read which is minimally politic, but every time a particularly political topic comes up, the blog is invaded by offensive, idiotic commentors who never – or rarely – show up on posts that are of little interest to the militant libs. And that blog is _not_ anywhere near the top 100 blogs online. Gatewaypundit _is_ near the top – I’d expect him to be targeted.
    They’re really more anarchists than libs, though, don’t you think? or maybe libs who borrow the tactics of anarchists?

  7. The cyber space equivalent of seminar callers.
    Paulbots pioneered the tactic.