Somebody Strategically Communicate to me

Why in the hell is our esteemed NATO “ally”,  the one that shafted us at the start of OIF, the one whose population  hates Americans, invading Iraq and nobody seems to be giving a shit? 

Why do the Kurds prefer the Turks come in to  police up the PKK?

Why do the Iraqis prefer the Turks come in to police up the PKK?

Why do the Americans put up with this?

I hope my old panzer isn’t in the Turkish Army. 


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One response to “Somebody Strategically Communicate to me

  1. Grimmy


    Just a reminder that not everyone who puts on the uniform of military service does so for honorable reasons.

    If it quacks like an enemy sympathizing piece of ****, it’s an enemy sympathizing piece of ****.

    BTDT means nothing when honor and integrity are absent.

    And with all astro-turfs, honor and integrity were never present.

    Hatred of those that betray to the enemy to any degree what-so-ever is naturally greater than hatred of the enemy itself. This is hard wired into the human psyche for a reason.