Warrior Traits Being Bred Out of the Flock

Read this list.

Then read this one.

I’m old enough to remember when these traits were exhibited by many Grampas and Daddies and Scoutmasters and Coaches.  They were role models for the Ideal American Man.   American Boys watched, and listened, and learned.

Those on the cutting edge of societal evolution just can’t stand men who have confidence in who they are and Do not succumb easily to political correctness.



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13 responses to “Warrior Traits Being Bred Out of the Flock

  1. Political correctness came about as the DSA tried to find a way to entrench in America. They decided that since Americans hated anything that sounded “communism,” they needed to adapt their terminology! Go figure, it worked!!

  2. Chgogalnorthsider

    Russ Vaughn is the Anti-Bama!

  3. Chgogalnorthsider

    It is a distressing time in America. Two years ago, my nephew’s elementary school “outlawed” Dodge Ball and Tag because it promoted aggressiveness and may induce feelings of low self esteem for those not physically gifted. My nephew broke the law and got detention. Can you imagine getting detention for playing tag? Unbelievable!

  4. Absurdity piled upon nonsense, chgogal, until nothing is unbelievable anymore.

    Wellington said “The battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton.” The same people behind emasculating our school boys seek to emasculate our warriors.

    Dodge Ball? Rugby! Or even better, buzkashi

  5. I think there was some dispute over the biography that quoted Wellington as saying that, given that Wellington apparently never liked Eton and Eton had no playing fields back when he attended.

    The general principle is true, nonetheless. Warriors are created from birth. And the best material for soldiers come from natural warrior and warrior cultures.

  6. Vigorous, rough team sports are important for harnessing the testosterone of large groups of adolescent males in socially acceptable ways. Team sports are battles and teams are armies. Players learn valuable lessons for life and for war.

    There is a town up around Atlanta called Ball Ground, GA. The Cherokee played two-handed lacrosse there. Cherokees settled disputes between towns by winning ball games. Ball was a type of Low Intensity Conflict. The Maya had a ball game where they had to knock the ball through a stone hoop on a wall. The losing team was sacrificed by having their hearts cut out.

    Politically correct, culturally sensitive, ball-bustin’ feminazi teacher’s unions are emasculating the future manhood of the Amriki tribe.

  7. Grimmy

    The PC C4 (c*nts, cowards, c**ksuckers and commie bastards) drones only exist because we let em.

    Only because we let em. And only for so long as we let em.

    The elasticity is nearly all played out in this problem. Once it’s pushed too far, the snap back will be all about rage and the proper, traditional, time honored expressions of such.

  8. Grimmy, you might be interested in reading this science fiction story about your kind of thinking vs invulnerable and powerful pacifism.


    There are times that it becomes incredibly illustrative of the mindlessness of our current socialite classes.

  9. I also find it curious, in true cosmopolitan comprehension of other cultures, that America learns just as much from Iraq and Afghanistan’s tribalism and cultural methods as they learn from our way of doing things.

    In the end, both are better for it in the end. Precisely because only trying to kill each other and killing other people together, can cross the cultural gap and make people realize what they have in common.

  10. Grimmy


    You know I hate it when you try to trick me into reading stuff.

    I am immune to your perfidy!!!! You can not trick me into reading!!

    Is it a good story?

  11. Grimmy

    Btw, ymar. How I feel about this crap is nothing new to our culture or our society.

    We can do scorched earth. We can do fights to the last man standing. Our history as a nation is filled with examples of exactly that mindset.

    The weak suck bags of snivel are the new aberration ’round these parts.

  12. Grimmy, you Jacksonians failed to chlorinate the gene pool when you had the chance. The weak bags of snivel rule now and they have marginalized you as a wingnut. They don’t know history and they don’t care. They just know you sound scary.

    My own TEOTWAWKI fantasy posits Jacksonians being disproportionately represented among the survivors.

    When I got up this morning the voices in my head said go out to the shop and do PMCS on my half-track. I ignored those voices and went down to the basement and cleaned my bullet launchers instead. I love the smell of Hoppes #9 in the morning.

  13. Grimmy

    LOL yeah.

    The Zen of Weapon Maintenance.

    Snivelers never rule. They’re tolerated for a time. When their time expires is totally beyond their control.

    I do not claim to know when, or what will actually “break the camel’s back” but that back will break and when it does, rage will walk the land and lay about with an unrestrained hand.