WikiLeaks Plugged

Those Red Chinese dissidents who like to post classified US military documents have come upon hard times.

Some people are getting worried.    Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  Let the fear trickle down your leg.

FUD, baby.



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3 responses to “WikiLeaks Plugged

  1. Chester Copperpot

    LOL@taking my post the wrong way.

    I actually agree with you and have written as such on the slashdot site. But hey, if you want to take it as fearful and FUD … then go ahead.

  2. Hey Chester, you brought me a lot of traffic. Thanks.

    Your post was OK. Some of those commenting on your post were who I was responding to.

    I am unfamiliar with slashdot and haven’t seen your other posts.

    FUD is what I wish upon whoever thinks it’s fun to post classified documents on the internet. In a previous life I was involved in many giant nut rolls over dead tree hard copy SECRET documents being found by unauthorized personnel. Such things used to be a BFD.

    Anyway, Mr. Copperpot, while you’re here, look around at some of my other posts and see if any of them are suitable for jerking slashdot chains.

  3. Chester Copperpot

    Hey cannoneer, cool. I misjudged your post then, my apologies. I thought you might have been having a go at me, my misunderstanding then!

    The other posters at /. tend to be a little left-leaning and can be a little erratic. There is a tendency to get modded down if I were to post out-and-out opinions like saying that wikileaks is anti-democratic. So you have to write a lot of posts in a generalized, detached manner so as to get the point across, if you catch my drift.