VBIED at Spin Boldak Kills 37 Afghans, Wounds 3 Canadians

Suicide bomber kills 37 in Afghanistan: government

The attack happened on a narrow bridge in the bustling town of Spin Boldak in southern Kandahar province

Bomb attack kills 37 civilians in southern Afghanistan; wounds 3 Cdn soldiers

The Afghan-Pakistan border was closed Monday because of elections in Pakistan, but several of the Afghan wounded were taken across the border to a Pakistani hospital in Chaman for treatment.

One of them, Abdul Hakim, lay in a hospital bed, his clothes caked with dust and splattered with blood.

“A white Toyota Corolla car rammed the second vehicle in the (military) convoy as it passed through the bazaar,” said Hakim, who witnessed the attack from his grocery store.

“Then there was a huge explosion. It was dust. I do not know what happened to me.”

Afghan-Pakistani border sealed for elections

The Torkham and Spin Boldak posts, used by thousands of people daily, were shut on the request of Pakistan and for the ‘smooth’  running of the elections, they said.

Suicide bomber kills more than 35 civilians in Afghanistan

At about 2:30 p.m. today, local time, [0500 EST] an assailant crashed his explosive-laden vehicle into a small convoy of Canadian armoured vehicles traveling along a highway near the town of Spin Boldak, a few kilometres from a busy Afghanistan-Pakistan border crossing.

A hub for travelers going between the two countries, Spin Boldak is only a few kilometres from a Canadian forward operating base, where soldiers regularly launch regional patrols and train Afghan security forces.

Tens of thousands of people use the border crossing each day.

Because a general election was being held in Pakistan Monday, the border was to have been closed.

According to reports, many of the civilians killed in the explosion Monday were roadside vendors selling fruits and vegetables to travelers. More than 100 wheelbarrows filled with fruit were destroyed and 20 shops damaged, according to sources.

The Canadian Main Stream Media were the target audience for this.

Spin is RC South’s throat.  What doesn’t come in on C-17’s and Il-76’s comes up from Karachi on jingle trucks and tankers.  All those LAV III’s, RG-31’s, MRAP’s and uparmored humvees burn a lot of fuel.  Almost the entire Line of Communication is not under NATO control. 


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