Abdul Hakim Jan — Cop, Alokozai Arbakai, Militia Chief

Mr. Jan had the right enemies.  The Taliban killed 80 people and wounded 70 to get to him.  No word yet on the IQ of the suicide bomber.  I regret that I had never heard of Jan until this morning, but he has made the news before.   He is variously described as

an anti-Taliban militia leader,

a powerful tribal elder and former Kandahar police chief

A prominent militia commander who stood up against the Taliban,  the provincial police chief in Kandahar in the early 1990s and was the only commander in the province to stand up against the Taliban during its rule, and the commander of an auxiliary police force _ a government-backed security force made of area tribesmen that is often shorthand for a local militia operating with government approval _ to protect the Arghandab, a strategic area north of Kandahar.

a senior Afghan National Auxiliary Police commander

The Taliban apparently have removed a thorn in their side.

The Auxiliary Police serve one year with an option to convert to another police organization.  More than 11,000 strong, the Auxiliary Police are responsible for providing a police presence at checkpoints and other static positions in order to bolster areas with significant security concerns. The Auxiliary Police will be phased out by October of this year.

The Alokozai have been in the news:

Sifting out the Afghan ‘bad guys’

Karzai under fire for his crowning gesture  

A Mullah Dies, and War Comes Knocking

The Canadians pitched a bitch to get some help.  Every spring since 2002 the dreaded Taliban Spring Offensive has always been more psychological than kinetic.  Maybe this spring things really do get interesting. 

“We have a lot of grief in our hearts,”

UPDATE:  Afghans long on memory and short on forgiveness  How good are the indig Good Guys?  Compared to whom?



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