Battle Command Knowledge System

Q I wonder, consistent with OPSEC, do you guys plan to make any of this stuff available to the public?

COL. GALVIN: Partly the communities are behind AKO, so the members are comprised of those in uniform, civilians in DOD, and also contractors. And then you get retirees and family members have various levels of access, as well. So, no, there’s no immediate opening to the general public because we put “for official use only”- type information in these communities and try to keep it at that level of discussion.

The Triumph of IA. 

The military arc of the blogosphere will slowly shrink as the .mil walls go up and the NIPR loses connectivity to the .com world and the troops are herded into DKO and the credibility of Muddy Boots IO is sacrificed. 

 Soldiers’ Online Chats Produce Valuable Army Knowledge, Colonel Says



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