A cultural revolutionary

When is the right not right, you ask?  When it has been defined by the left.

The definition of “conservative” is fluid, changing from time to time and place to place.  Some “conservatives” embrace an ideology prescribing limited government — one remaining within the boundaries established by the Constitution — and low taxation.  They favor nationalism over internationalism; prefer markets mostly unfettered by regulation; eschew multiculturalism, feminism and radical environmentalism; and take pride in our history and traditions.   

I don’t want to preserve the cultural status quo, I want to overthrow it.  Then we can pull the statist weeds up by the roots and burn them in freedom’s fire, just like our Founding Fathers did.  Do you think they were conservatives?  Conservatives don’t start revolutions; they simply make sure their shackles are made no heavier.
Political victory rests on cultural victory, and changing the culture starts with changing our mentality.  We have only two choices: We can be revolutionary.

Or we can be wrong.   — Conservatism is Dead; Long Live Conservatism?

Taking pride in one’s nation’s warriors has come to be a conservative thing.  Support for our nation’s warriors has come to be a conservative thing.  Even continuing to believe that one’s nation is a force for good in the world and worth defending is a conservative thing, now.

This is another of those painful truths that those who claim to be nonpartisan and say they hate both parties equally recoil from.

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