Enjoying the Last Days Before the Trainwreck

”Part of the Republican problem right now that I see as a strategist is our communications effort,” Johnson said. “We don’t have any good communicators. We don’t seem to stay on message. We come across as grumpy old men. I hate to say it, but that’s part of the problem. We’re not telegenic on TV. We’re going against Nancy Pelosi, who could be damaged but — I have to take my hat off to her — she’s done an excellent job with the media. Nothing seems to stick on her like everything stuck on Newt Gingrich.”

The Election of 2008 will change the Republic.



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2 responses to “Enjoying the Last Days Before the Trainwreck

  1. MizSterious

    Republicans come across as “grumpy old men”? Now why on earth would that be? Certainly not because we have an idiotic, PC media, public, and governing class that wants to outlaw anything that would help fight the war on terror, or any war, for that matter…

    And certainly not because we have this border situation which can best be described as a “lack of border” situation, wherein masses of who knows who or what pours into our country daily, and saying, let alone doing, anything about it gets you a “bigot” label, even on places like Free Republic.

    And I’m just positive it couldn’t be because the country’s budget just about breaks the sound barrier, the politicians are corrupt with many almost openly on the take, and tin-pot wanna-be dictators masked as mayors of insignificant cities try to oust the very people who keep them (and the rest of the country) safe…

    No, really, I just can’t figure out WHY conservatives might be a little on the grumpy side…

  2. I’m pretty grumpy myself, but I’m not after any votes.

    Conservatives have a message that amounts to taking the punch bowl away from the party. The Eaters aren’t particularly interested in hearing what the Producers have to say. And the Producers have no champion in this election.