Terrorist Internet Exploitation

Combating Enemies Online: State-Sponsored and Terrorist Use of the Internet

They use the Internet to:

  • Wage psychological warfare by spreading disinfor­mation, delivering threats to instill fear and help­lessness, and disseminating horrific images. For example, the grisly murder of Daniel Pearl was videotaped by his captors and posted on several terrorist Web sites.
  • Create publicity and spread propaganda.

  • Gather intelligence. Details about potential targets– such as transportation facilities, nuclear power plants, public buildings, ports, and airports — and even counterterrorism measures are avail­able online. For example, the DHS maintains a password-protected online site called Tripwire, which provides information on how to counter improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

  • Fundraise. Many Islamic charitable organizations allow users to make a zakat contribution online. Some terrorist organizations use front companies and charitable organizations under their control to receive such donations.

  • Recruit and mobilize supporters through chat rooms, cyber cafés, and bulletin boards.

  • Communicate and coordinate with operatives and supporters. Two terrorist cells in Florida and Canada, which were recently disrupted, passed mes­sages via the Internet.

  • Share information, such as how to manufacture and use weapons, including bomb-making techniques.

  • Plan attacks. To preserve their anonymity, the 9/11 attackers used the public Internet services and sent messages via free Web-based e-mail accounts.

.gov & .mil aren’t the only Blue Force in this battle space.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) publicizes extremist messages on the Internet, including terrorist Web sites, discussion forums, and blogs. After MEMRI published a comprehensive survey of Islamist Web sites in 2004, many them were closed down by their hosting ISPs.

Even the digitally challenged can help take down jihadi web sites. There are things YOU could be doing, if you wanted to.



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6 responses to “Terrorist Internet Exploitation

  1. Oh man! That is BEAUTIFUL Cannoneer!! I am passing this on to others who can help. What a GREAT way to get people to help!

  2. One thing that would be nice is if they would tell us which “Reason to Flag” we should use. It’s not laziness that makes me say that. I chose to watch one so that I could determine what would be the appropriate reason and I truly wish I had not. But what an excellent way to get the word out. I am working my way thru the videos as I can.

  3. Chgogalnorthsider

    OK, I flagged about eight videos. Now what happens?

  4. Chgogalnorthsider

    Reasons I used:

    1) Hateful abusive content

    2) ethnic origin (I figured, youtube has to be PC)

  5. When they get enough flags they ususally take them down. If the ones you flagged are still up you can:

    1. wait a week and check
    2. flag ’em again
    3. recruit more flaggers to flag ’em

    If they’re still up after all that sic the Jawas on on them.