Embattled Muslim aide to leave Pentagon job

Hesham Islam’s ‘resume didn’t add up,’ official says

Sources confirm he has sat in on Pentagon meetings in which intelligence clearance was restricted at the Top Secret/SCI (Sensitive Compartmented Information) level.

When will the government of We the People… quit playing PC multi-culti games with our national survival? 



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6 responses to “Embattled Muslim aide to leave Pentagon job

  1. Chgogalnorthsider

    Boy someone really screwed up with the background check. It looks like Coughlin passed the WH interview he had a few week ago.

    This is a big screw-up though. I’m curious who is Hesham Islam’s patron? Is it England or someone else?

  2. Might be England. Cdr. Islam’s patron(s) probably are scrambling to disavow ever knowing him.

  3. Chgogalnorthsider

    Cannoneer No. 4, did you see this?


    In particular this paragraphs, got my goat.

    “The Washington Post interviewed two al Qaeda leaders in Anbar province, both of whom confirmed al Qaeda’s problems in Anbar and beyond. “We do not deny the difficulties we are facing right now,” Riyadh al Ogaidi, an emir in Karmah, a city between Baghdad and Fallujah, told The Washington Post. “The Americans have not defeated us, but the turnaround of the Sunnis against us had made us lose a lot and suffer very painfully. We made many mistakes over the past year.”

    Last week, evidence of al Qaeda’s strategy to target infrastructure was seen in Mosul. Al Qaeda in Iraq targeted eight cell phone towers in Mosul, Voices of Iraq reported on Feb. 7. At least 12 communications towers were hit, according to a US military officer serving in Mosul who wishes to remain anonymous.

    “……Over the course of two days they attacked six (towers), and then six more, setting the generators on fire to disable the towers,” the officer told The Long War Journal. “Interesting since they rely on the cell towers as much as the IA [Iraqi Army] does for C2 [command and control].”

    Today, al Qaeda detonated a bomb planted in a fuel truck near the Mosul power plant, KUNA reported. The attack knocked the 400-megawatt Mosul power plant offline, shutting down electricity to much of northern Iraq The bomb also killed four Iraqi soldiers.”

    Connecting the dots, the WP was in direct contact with America’s enemies. The enemies then attacked an ally/protectorate of the US. Can you imagine this happening during WW2?

    The Military needs to hold the US Media responsible. It can be done subtly, such as, the Pentagon PR person, casually saying that the WP reporters were last in contact with AQ, just before
    the attacks to Iraq’s infrastructure. The WP did not see fit to warn the Iraqi government and now are responsible for the loss of power and need to pay the Iraqi government for the attacks and repair to Iraq’s infrastructure.

  4. suek

    Maybe the Military doesn’t need to fight the media…maybe the State of Iraq should sue the WP for the cost of damages…

  5. Good Guys never win at lawfare, sue.