DOD Bloggers’ Roundtable with Colonel Donald Bacon

Q Yes, sir, Colonel Bacon, this is Doug Vee (ph) with the Civilian Irregular Information Defense Group. What is a C-5 rocket?

COL. BACON: You know, I do not know. We were looking at that, too. We do know that they have some homemade-type rockets. We have seen some indications of some of the more I would say early versions of the shoulder-fired SAMs. But we looked at that, and we weren’t too sure what the C-5 rocket was as well.

Q Okay. Well, there’s 2,000 — (inaudible) — floating around out there. That’s kind of an issue I would say.

Next question. The —

COL. BACON: I will tell you — if I may just interject, though. You will see that they do have a lot of weapons in this diary, and it shouldn’t be a surprise. We pick up weapons caches every day, and it’s amazing how many weapons we’re getting off the street every day. So the fact that they have rockets, the heavy machine guns, et cetera is — I was asked earlier, is this a surprise that they have these kinds of weapons? Unfortunately, it’s not, because we are picking up these weapons all the time and getting them off the street and destroying them.

But sorry, go ahead, sir. I interrupted you.

Q Okay. The Lorries and pickups are a big issue to Abu-Tariq and who owes him money for what. This question is, is there a functioning Iraqi Department of Motor Vehicles, [that an] IP (Iraqi Police) or an American soldier can get on the horn and call up and run the tag and find out who it belongs to?

COL. BACON: I believe there is. I’ve not personally worked at it, but they do have a central office that does the tagging. That’s about the best I could tell you.

Q Okay.

COL. BACON: And we’d be able to work with them. So yeah, trust me, our guys, I know, perused this document closely, the folks who worked the intel side of it, and security.

Q Thank you, sir.

2000 shoulder-launched SAM’s would be an issue, but apparently that’s not what C5 rockets are.  Colonel Bacon tells me

The C5 rocket is interesting… it was designed to be used as an
air to ground rocket… does not have a guidance system… AQI has used
it as a ground to air weapon primarily… they try shoot a bunch up in
air to hit a low flying helo or aircraft.

Somebody in this small but elite and highly intelligent readership has a cut & pastable pic of a C5 rocket to send me.

UPDATE:  Internet Anthropologist Think Tank  has video of C5K rockets being fired.  Hell, I’ve probably been shot at and missed by those things before.  Fobbits rarely know what specific ordnance incoming IDF is.  We just hear sirens blowing and booms.

UPDATE:  Iraq Mystery Weapon Identified

57mm S-5KO Aviation Unguided Rocket

The rocket is with hollow-charge fragmentation effect.
It is designed for destroying ground armoured targets as well as manpower of the enemy. 

Soviet Aerial Rocket Artillery.  The Russian Cyrillic letter equivalent of the Latin “S” looks like a Latin “C”

Having 2000 of these and no attack helicopters to hang them off ain’t much to brag about, Abu.



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