The Law in RC West

Commander Cites Need for More Security Trainers in Western Afghanistan

had to move some Afghan army trainers to the police training mission  

The majority of soldiers he has training the Afghan National Army are operational mentor liaison teams, which are NATO entities, he said, and the majority of those teams are from Italy and Spain, along with a small contingent from Slovenia. 

need about 300 more trainers

wants one 16-person mentor team in each of his police districts — about 50 teams

has only six

Klingaman said the key to counterinsurgency operations is to use local forces.

Want more boots on the ground?  Put local feet in them.  Sons of Afghanistan.

No mention of any mentoring going on for the Afghan Border Police on the Iranian Frontier.

No indication whether any of his Italian OMLT’s have any Carabinieri or his Spanish OMLT’s have any Guardia Civil.  Either one of those wouldn’t suck as models for the ANP.

Shortage of PMT’s can be solved if somebody will cough up the bucks.



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