The Path To The Final Solution

YouTube got big while I was in the land of sand and no band width.  I’m still educating myself on it, but it is no doubt a powerful tool for changing minds. This piece here is excellent counterprop.



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2 responses to “The Path To The Final Solution

  1. suek

    Found this today:

    This particular blog is social/computer geeky. Not resistance oriented, but aware of international computer stuff. On the other hand, when I posted a llink to a deliberate targeted hacker attack on one of the smaller nations(Georgia, maybe?) that had succeeded in disabling government functions for a couple of days, he tut-tutted me and said that such a thing wasn’t possible in the US due to back-ups and by-pass conventions. I disagree, but I’m no expert.
    Still…assuming this is a deliberate attack, the questions arise – by whom and for what purpose. I can’ even begin to guess – the field seems way too wide open.

  2. Once is an accident
    Twice is a coincidence
    Three times is enemy action
    Four times is proof of the defender’s incapacity