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IO is a staff function of integrating, de-conflicting and synchronizing the core capabilities in peace and conflict
There are No IO “Products” per se
The core capabilities of IO “produce” things
PSYOP is one of IO core capabilities, but with controlling joint policy and doctrine, force structure, and C2
Recent experience shows that PSYOP is primarily the “influence” portion of IO
IO/PSYOP evolving — In a state of change
PSYOP Support to Public Diplomacy
Strategic Communications
Relationship to PA
IO is not PSYOP – PSYOP is not IO – Not interchangeable!
  Public Diplomacy – PD is the U.S. State Dept’s influence and information capability – PSYOP can  support public diplomacy.
Information OperationsIO is the coordination of many capabilities across an environment, inclusive of PSYOP, to achieve U.S. objectives and information goals.  PSYOP is a part of IO, but it is certainly not IO.
Media OperationsMedia ops focus on the close-in press concern and on telling our story – In order to be effective in influencing target audiences, PSYOP must stay on message independent of the media concern of the day.
Public Affairs or Public InformationPA/PI are official pronouncements designed to inform the U.S. public of the efforts of DOD, normally without spin or agenda.  PSYOP is prohibited by DOD Policy from this type of activity.
Command InformationCommand Information is the efforts of a military commander to inform impacted audiences of ongoing operations – PSYOP can support command information activities if the focus is on approved target audiences and approved themes.

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