There goes the NIPR

DOD considers prohibiting personal use of networks

I’m going to miss you guys. My readership is so small, your  absence will be noticed.

Muddy Boots IO will have to be done from the hooch, on your own time and your own dime. 

IA fraticiding the hell out of PA and PO.

H/T:  Haft of the Spear

UPDATE:  Maybe it has already started.  In From the Cold is blocked by the Air Force.  Scroll down to CENTCOM Chick’s comment:

I work for the Air Force and do quite a bit of open source research – including on blogs. I can understand blocking eBay, or sites like You Tube for bandwidth issues. But many blogs are useful for work-related purposes, at least for my job.Also, their choices for blocked sites are at times ridiculous, and their reasoning is even worse. It irritates me to no end every time I see something blocked for ridiculous reasons like “general news” or “educational.” I think the worst was the search engine blocked for “personal” reasons. If it made more sense, I’d understand it more.

Sounds like IA fratricide to me. 


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4 responses to “There goes the NIPR

  1. Argh! Not sure why it’s so “unnecessary” for people in the service to know about what’s going on in the world. Maybe they just want us to watch AFN all day.

  2. The fewer unblocked sites available to you, the fewer points of vulnerability IA has to defend, plus some JAG no doubt has told them that leaving sites unblocked constitutes official DOD approval of the site. Next they’ll be taking Solitaire out of all the government computers.

    And y’all won’t get much sympathy because the civilian corporate world counts keystrokes, records your time on each site and sends Management to your cubicle if they think you’re not working.

    I’M sympathetic, though. 2d MLG G6 hit me with their DSID so much I figured whatever they didn’t block they wanted me to see. Their motto was unblocking the Internet, one site at a time.

  3. The concern is most likely about data leakage.

    Generally, organizations that worry about data leakage will by default block blogs/wikis by category through whatever web filtering technology or service that they use. It is short sighted.

  4. Where I was in Iraq G6 had all blogspot sites blocked.