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The man you love to hate has crept out from under his rock:

In an address to an information warfare conference, Rumsfeld said the United States is “sitting on the sidelines” in a global battle of ideas. “We’re barely competing,” and for that reason we are losing, he said.
Islamic radicals are winning despite the fact that they blow up mosques, kill women and children and publicly behead their foes, Rumsfeld said.The United States needs a “21st-century agency for global communications” to use modern methods to spread the United States’ message about the importance of democracy and freedom, much as the U.S. Information Agency spread that message during the Cold War, he said.

The USIA was folded into the State Department in 1999 and the United States “lost a valued tool to help tell the story of a nation that was carved from the wilderness and conceived in freedom,” Rumsfeld told an audience of military members and defense contractors.

A 21st-century version of the USIA is needed to harness new communications techniques — from blogs to online social-networking sites to talk radio — to counter a constant torrent of propaganda from radical organizations, particularly in the Middle East, he said.

Bless his heart.  I wish we could do that.  I really do.  The painful truth is that we cannot replicate an updated USIA because we do not have buy-in from the “Loyal Opposition.”  Probably in 12 months the new “Loyal Opposition”  could be snookered into creating yet another arm of the spastic Federal octopus in which to stash old Clinton holdovers and new Clinton sycophants, but our new Overlords won’t really need such an organization.  They have CNN, AP, Reuters, NYT, LAT, BBC, Al Jazeera.

If we want Bad Guy propaganda countered, we’re pretty much going to have to do it ourselves.  Too bad my side of the blogosphere doesn’t have a Daddy Soros to hire Pajamas Media and Townhall.  



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5 responses to “Online Strategic Communications Agency

  1. The best things in life happen at the grassroots level by people who just jump in when they see a need… you, the Jawas, and others who have worked against the cyber jihadis are in many ways better off without big brother telling you how to do what you’re doing.

  2. Such disorderly, undisciplined, non-hierarchical ways of doing things make a lot of Regulars go “Harrumph!”

    Command and control of irregulars rarely lends itself to neat little Powerpoint wiring diagrams. Cyber Irregulars don’t get much encouragement because some people worry more about IO fratricide and loose cannons than about getting done what they can’t or won’t do.

    I wish I was in Jawas’ league. I do what I can.

  3. It takes everyone doing what we can. If everyone pitched in, can you imagine?

  4. QuickIO

    I think that having regular and irregular IO aspects is marvelous and don’t be fooled to think that the regulars are not listening and dropping hints and message to the irregular groups. sometime the best way to defeat an enemy is to attack with organized chaos!!

  5. That’s very unconventional of you, Quickio