Lying About Lies

Those great Americans at the Associated Press want you to think

Study: False statements preceded war

Now Warner Todd Huston would like you to know that

Reported Bush Lied ‘Study’ Not Revealed as Funded By George Soros


And so Dr. Evil plants his Dezinformatsiya in complicit media and it becomes counterknowledge that will be swallowed whole by millions of stupid people whose reeducation is a Herculean task well beyond my patience. 

As a direct consequence of the globalisation of information flows, all kinds of irrational belief or political fanaticism circulate freely in the public domain. Traits of the open society, such as freedom of speech, can then be used against themselves and against other liberties.

Taken together, these symptoms enhance the political frivolity of large parts of the developed world’s populations, leaving people intellectually, culturally and politically vulnerable. The loss of the value of citizenship and the increase in irrationality together create the space in which public opinion is shaped emotionally, making sound strategy and policy harder to accomplish.  It also creates the space for demagoguery to thrive.

The loss of the rational, in other words, is a loss of a particularly valuable part of intellectual and moral certainty, and it can lead people to seek certainty elsewhere, in anything from common cults to extreme cases of fanaticism.  Towards a Grand Strategy for an Uncertain World Renewing Transatlantic Partnership Chapter 1 — Trends and Challenges, Global Trends, Loss of the Rational




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  1. Holy cow! Good find Cannonner.

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