‘Trans-Regional Web Initiative’

From Danger Room via Swedish Meatballs:

The Government has a requirement for a range of web site products and services to support the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) in the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT).     The contractor shall:

Develop, operate and maintain a minimum of six websites, in the directed languages and conceptual approaches approved by the Government;

Develop, operate and maintain websites tailored to influence foreign audiences per Government-approved Concepts of Operations (CONOPs), conceptual approaches and previously approved prototypes;

Provide full-service cultural knowledge, political, editorial, media, and information technology capabilities;  

Identify, develop, obtain and maintain a network of native/indigenous content contributors with backgrounds in politics, academics, security, culture, entertainment, and other aspects of the GWOT, which appeal to identified foreign target audiences.     This network of contributors must provide regular scheduled content and respond as required to emerging opportunities; Develop obtain and maintain content for use on the websites;Develop a plan that measures both performance and effectiveness to determine the market penetration, traffic to, and success of, each website;Conduct continuous security monitoring of the websites;

Comply with all Department of Defense Information Assurance requirements, including response to event timeliness;
Continuously recommend and conduct, with Government approval, mass marketing efforts to establish brand name recognition, market presence, and capitalize on opportunities to promote the websites and to significantly increase penetration to the intended audience; and,
Establish, operate and maintain a password protected virtual collaboration system, or similar capability, that allows for 24 hours per day, seven days per week content sharing, review, modification, approval, and potential synchronization.

All contractor personnel shall hold a U.S. SECRET security clearance and be able to obtain a U.S.TOP SECRET clearance.     Contractor will require access to both classified and unclassified government computer systems facilities.     Contractor will be authorized to courier classified information up to the SECRET level in performance of official duties upon approval of and designation by the Government.




I hope one of the directed languages is English.  [It is.  The project will build a minimum of two and no more than twelve websites focused on Modern Standard Arabic, French, English (British dialect and spelling), Portuguese, Spanish, Armenian, Azeri, Chinese, Farsi, Georgian, Hindi, Punjabi, Russian, Tagalog, Thai, Urdu, Bahasa (Indonesian and Malay),]

Wonder who will get this contract?  Probably a consortium of the usual suspects under a new name.

Think of the trolls these overt .mil Perception Management blogs are going to attract in their comments. Hmmmm. Think of the data mined from the trolls.

UPDATE 20090917: General Dynamics Information Technology won it 4 SEP 09.



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4 responses to “‘Trans-Regional Web Initiative’

  1. My expectation is they will come up with something not cutting edge, mediocre.
    A version of “Good morning Vietnam” where the Lieut. takes over a broadcast and tries to be funny.
    Or like the DVIDS, educational, informative and dry as dust.

    They need a ‘viral’ web sites.
    A cross between VOA, Drudge and Infovlad.

    The site must include a forum, vids, live real time news and cutting edge tech.

    My fear is the regs, and pre-approval requirements will cause such delay as to make the sites archaic.

    I sincerly hope I’m wrong.

    But they are going into the ‘Info war’ theater, WWW.
    And that is GOOD.

    Moving in the right direction, 6 yrs late but in the future maybe dominate.

    What would successful site look like?

    The Arabic site getting a million hits a year.
    That would be a benchmark that would indicate
    they have reached the hearts and minds of the Ummah.


  2. My fear is the regs, and pre-approval requirements will cause such delay as to make the sites archaic.

    I have that fear as well — but like you, I hope we’re wrong. We are ham-tied (pun intended) fighting the Islamics because we just can’t seem to remember that they won’t play fair.

  3. M1

    Sweet H/T. Thanks!

  4. You’re welcome, M1. If you find out who gets this contract, let us know.