Arab-Americans look for change

  Al JazeeraEnglish–Focus

Maybe they should look down between the couch cushions.



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2 responses to “Arab-Americans look for change

  1. suek

    Some interesting statements in that report:

    3/4 are Christians but think that islam should be treated with more respect.

    Most were Republicans before, but are now Democrats because they feel discriminated against by the Bush Admin.

    We’ve had Arabs here since the 1860s. They don’t feel (discrimination) is as important as those who have been here just 2-3 years(due to having links in the areas of the ME affected in Bush’s foreign policy).

    According to the Arab-American Institute (AAI), the leading candidate among Arab-Americans voters is Barack Obama

    Also some names. I may follow up on these for more info, but can’t at the moment, so I’m planting them here for convenience!

    Marwan Kreidie, President of the Philadelphia Association of Arab Americans

    Sam Ibrahim, a member of the Arab-Americans for Barack Obama

    Abed Hammoud, one of the founders of the Arab-American Political Action Committee (AAPAC)

    Guess what I’m thinking is that this is a bunch of hokum. Big surprise there, huh.

  2. suek

    Re: Marwan Kreidie

    Article here, with a number of links, most of them to Daniel Pipes articles.

    Small quote from article:

    “More broadly, Kreidie rejects law-enforcement counter-terrorist efforts as “massive intrusions on civil liberties” that have “enraged” Arab and Muslim Americans. He has even characterized anti-terrorism efforts as “unconstitutional.””
    (SOA Watch/Northeast in collaboration with the student groups: Penn for Peace and Amnesty International)

    “Marwan Kreidie: is a native of Lebanon and has been active for many years around the issue of Palestinian rights. He works with the Philadelphia branch of the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee and the Philadelphia Arab-American Association. He currently is the director of the Arab American Community Development Corporation.”