Think what happens in Alberta has no effect on you?

Never heard of Ezra Levant?


That was Opening Statement, which I hope you thought was well worth 6:31 of your life.

Followed by What Was Your Intent?, 4:46

The Real Violence in Edmonton, 3:20

I Don’t Answer to the State, 2:32

Entitled to my Opinion?  00:38

Attribute of Free Speech, 5:48

How Does The Commission Make Decisions?  3:34

Closing Argument, 4:40

I want you to watch these.  It’s important.

The answer to free speech we don’t like is more free speech, so far, in America.  Whether that will continue to be the case is in doubt.

Canada is the socialist utopia one of our two major political parties would turn America into.

HRC would love to haul somebody like me before an HRC.



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8 responses to “HRC

  1. Ezra’s set them back decades!

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  3. I hope there are enough freedom-loving Canadians left to ridicule these PC Inquisitions to death before they spread down here.

  4. Cannoneerno4 The big problem up here is the media will keep a lid on it as long as they can.

    When Trudeau’s wife was sleeping around only when foreign media covered the story would our press say something bad about the liberals.

  5. The media’s ability to keep a lid on stories they don’t want told must be destroyed.

  6. Bloggers are getting the real news out about a myriad of things — the Enemedia IS losing it’s grip. And they sure don’t like it!

  7. I heard people in the past cheer on about how it would be a good thing if Americans were put under the jurisdiction of international criminal and human rights commissions.

    Just goes to show you that there’s a large portion of humanity that really does want to live as slaves.

    Europe and other folks hated on GitMo. Probably because they thought somebody was trying to grab their turf.

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