Flat Fuel Bladders at the Tank Farm

Blasts damage two oil tankers in Chaman

CHAMAN: Two blasts here damaged as many oil tankers supplying fuel to Nato forces in Afghanistan, police said on Friday.

The first blast damaged the frame of a tanker carrying 36,000 litres of JP oil. The tanker was parked near a checkpost for security clearance. More than 8,000 litres of oil was burnt. Another oil tanker was partially damaged in a blast near the Zhara Band area. Police said they were investigating the nature of the blasts.

When KAF goes Black on Cl III, good things stop happening.  It gets eerily quiet.  The C-17’s and Il-76’s don’t come.  DHL doesn’t bring mail.  People wonder why we put up with so much crap from Musharraf.  It’s because he keeps the LOC open.  ISAF and OEF can’t maintain themselves logistically in Afghanistan without Pak help.   

H/T:  Lord Bill

UPDATE:  Al Qaeda, Pak Taliban Loot Food Rations Meant For NATO Forces



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