Rumsfeld’s victory: a retrospective look at our de facto flytrap strategy in Iraq

Kaslin helped me find this post at Error Theory by Alec Rawls which I heartily recommed you spend some time looking at.  It is long, and I’m not going to excerpt it much:

And so it was settled. Al Qaeda would attack Iraqis, creating media events that the Western media could use to try to lose the war at home. It was understood that this strategy would turn the Iraqis against al Qaeda, losing the war on the ground, but maybe not before the Democrats and their media allies managed to lose the war in America. It would be a race:  could the Democrat/ al Qaeda alliance create defeat in America before the American military would win the war in Iraq?

It was a close run thing.  And another Tet to influence the Presidential election is still likely.   The Democrat / al Qaeda alliance is a phrase you will hear again.

I don’t have any particularly comments to add, other than to tell you to go read.  Your understanding of the enemy, foreign and domestic, will be broadened. 



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3 responses to “Rumsfeld’s victory: a retrospective look at our de facto flytrap strategy in Iraq

  1. That article is deep, Cannoneer. It looks like our enemies learned more from the Vietnam than we did.

  2. Our Communist enemies of decades ago and our Islamo-Fascist enemies of today share a great many simularities. Particularly in their Fifth Columists in the West.

  3. Ymarsakar

    Given that the Arabs were proxies for the Soviets against America’s proxy, Israel, in the Cold War, their connections are very logical in truth.