Should We Tone Down the Cheer Leading?

Good things are happening in Iraq.  Progress is being made.  But

Don’t Count Your Victories Before They’re Won

If we allow this attitude to prevail — that the Islamo-Fascist is defeated and the war is over — then when the IF surges or counter attacks, then our enemies here at home will seize on our pronunciations of victory and beat us over the head with them just as they did in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and most of 2007.

The enemy has a vote in our success. 

The possibility that the enemy still has a last gasp effort left in him is the cause of all the “guarded” optimism and muted celebration of the successes achieved so far.   They can be expected to make one last push, one more Ardennes Offensive, to give their strategic communications campaign kinetic events to communicate about.

YOU SAID WE WERE WINNING! The enemy you claim to have beaten just killed 200 innocent women and children. YOU LIED AND PEOPLE DIED!!!!

Unenthusiastic, hesitant, unconvincing, caveated, asterisked, footnoted, measured proclamations of success worded with an eye towards future investigations don’t sound like victory, but the ability  of the “Loyal” Opposition to punish intolerable (to them) triumphalism exceeds the value of any reward the rest of us might bestow upon those who would attempt to bolster our flagging will and convince us to endeavor to perservere.

By the time triumphalism has been made safe by the course of events, nobody will care.



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11 responses to “Should We Tone Down the Cheer Leading?

  1. The thing is that the Left always reminds us of what we did in the past, but we are hard set to remind everyone else of what the Left themselves have done in the past. It’s not equal, but then again war never is.

  2. Nearly all the professional historians are academics. Conservatives are scarce in academia.

  3. IMO, the left hopes we will be convinced to keep quiet by fearing that it won’t last. We tie our own hands behind our backs and play into their hands by doing so. But hey – I’m just a housewife in MO – I could be wrong. 😉

  4. Star, how do we counter the hit they are going to make on our credibility when we who see successes and talk about them are faced with enemy success? We tie our hands, true, but what is our choice?

    Presenting Americans with dilemmas is just the psychological warfare the Islamo-Fascists and their Soviet predecessors love to do on us.

  5. Pretty much what Austin Bay was talking about today, in terms of the impact of a jihadi Tet Offensive, and a note of caution sounded by Generals Petraeus and Gaskin (leave aside that the rapporteur is Rep. Boyda, D-KS).

  6. I will counter your question with one back to you —

    If WE don’t talk about the good in our country and it’s armed forces and their actions, is that not akin to laying down and admitting that the naysayers are correct in what they are saying?

    If there is no voice crying aloud in support of our country, they will assume they are correct. So your question becomes mine – what choice do we have?

  7. Maybe the way to go is like VDH does it, with lots of historical perspective added to the cheerleading. Adding a caveat recognizing the enemy’s capability to spoil the show every other sentence cuts down on the “Loyal” Opposition’s ability to cut and paste our own words to use against us.

    But I much prefer unequivocal, straight boosterism. John Wayne didn’t caveat much.

  8. Hey, War Lord, thanks for dropping by.

    Did you ever see ?

    I think maybe COL Bay was trying some preemptive conditioning for the domestic TA.

  9. Um, this is where I say I wasn’t reading hardly anybody between Christmas and New Years?

    Hey, at least I go some value-added with Boyda and we both did our bit to boost the topic in Google and Technorati, etc…!

    Not that much of what we’re doing is going to push past all the politics for the next year.

  10. Maybe we shouldn’t try to push past politics. Maybe we should infiltrate the political process. We the People are supposed to be the political masters of our defender’s political masters, and could, if enough of us cared to, punish those politicians whose stewardship of our Republic’s security fails to measure up to our standards by voting the bums out.

    War is a political act. Supporting or opposing, furthering or hindering, helping or hurting, empowering or diminishing, strengthening or constraining are all political acts.

  11. John Wayne didn’t caveat much.
    DANG I love them cowboys! 🙂