Civilian Irregular Counterpropagandists Bust Iranians and Rub Their Noses in it

I love this!  There are a bunch of people doing good things out there.  This also serves as a lesson for good guys.  Be careful what use you make of hotlinked images.

The People’s Cube PWNS Iranian Media

Iranian Press TV Runs Fake Jew Photo

Ridicule: An instrument in the war on terrorism

An honor-shame culture doesn’t deal well with humiliation and total pwnage.  Fanatics hate being laughed at.  The anatomically inadequate hate being reminded of their shortcomings by American porn stars they can’t resist downloading. 

Kamaraden, saLOOT!



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4 responses to “Civilian Irregular Counterpropagandists Bust Iranians and Rub Their Noses in it

  1. They only beat their women cause they can’t do anything else with them.

  2. Too many of them CAN penetrate donkeys and goats and boys. When I was in Iraq I saw a “porn” video of footage taken by an Abrams tank crew through their tank thermal sights of two unsuspecting “gentleman” abusing a donkey under the cover of darkness. The tank commander’s running commentary was hilarious as hell! Wish I could find it. I heard it was on YouTube once but was taken down as offensive.

    Our enemies come from a dysfunctional culture with glaring weaknesses and vulnerabilities that our government and military are afraid to exploit. I can understand their relunctance, but Civilian Irregular Internet Exploitation Teams could pick up this mission. American women could be devastating in this role.

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