Non-kinetic Decapitation

“A fish rots from the head,” the BDS-afflicted never tire of telling us.

President George W. Bush has been the recipient of the most concerted, hate-filled, propaganda campaign ever launched against a sitting President. Washington’s bureaucracy has aided and abetted this outrageous Democrat offensive by conducting a deliberate war of intelligence misinformation and sabotage. The mantras have been repeated so many times, they have insinuated themselves into our daily jargon. “There were no WMD,” Bush’s “misadventure in Iraq,” or “The President’s failed Iraq policy.” Or as someone recently said to me: “I just think he’s so stupid.” Mention the name “Bush” and people bow and shake their heads. It is as though no one even wants to acknowledge we have a President by that name. Bumper stickers declare: “I Can’t Wait for 2008.” Many conservative pundits who should know better are now participating in this pile on.

While George W. Bush has clearly made mistakes in his prosecution of the War in Iraq, he has, unlike other leaders, had the courage to admit and correct many of those mistakes. Halting the attack on Fallujah in the spring of 2004 was a mistake – corrected. Allowing the Madhi Army free rein was a mistake – corrected. The pre-Petraeus conventional approach, a mistake – corrected. Few political leaders in recent times have been willing to do this in any circumstance, let alone during a shooting war. And Bush’s unflinching determination to prosecute this war in the face of a relentless, overwhelmingly hostile, even seditious Western media campaign to discredit the entire effort, and treacherous, underhanded bureaucratic sabotage, may yet see this conflict to a successful conclusion.

We must stop and recognize that this tidal wave of negativity is manufactured relentlessly by our almost uniformly leftist, anti-Bush, anti-Republican, anti-American mass media (with a few notable exceptions), in collusion with the leftist Washington political establishment. Nothing any Republican does will ever satisfy them. Like the Iranians or North Koreans, they welcome Republican attempts at conciliation as a ripe opportunity to take further advantage. They will never like or agree with them. They want to destroy them. And they may well succeed in the upcoming election cycle if we don’t come to our senses.

This is not a non-partisan blog.  I have my ideological bias, which comes out where ideology intersects with war, strategic communications about war, and maintenance of national will to fight war.  Our current Commander-in-Chief is a flawed human being who has done a number of things with which I disagree, and failed to do even more things that desperately need to be done, by somebody.   But despite my disappointment I still cheer-lead, not to toady to the leader but to buck up the led.  I don’t blindly support the man, but I do respect the rank and as long as he is going my way on the war I will go with him for the next twelve months.

The Skipper of this boat has pissed me off many times.  He has steered us into waters I didn’t think we had any business in.  We’ve had heavy seas and a poor catch.  Half the crew has spent the whole voyage grumbling.  Some claim he’s a jonah and plot mutiny.  While others connive and plot for his chair, I’m going to stand my watch, and pull my share of pots, and do my duty until the Skipper’s scheduled relief next year. 

Moby Dick is still out there. 



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  1. Awesome naval reference there. I read David Weber so there is still something to the concept of loyalty that is anarchronistic in the civilian world.

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