Saw Charlie Wilson’s War. Loved it. Go see it, or get the boot leg DVD at your FOB’s Hajji Mart. But before it came on I saw a trailer for Untraceable. I had never heard of this flick until this evening, but I think it is going to have a big impact on how Americans perceive cyber-crime and cyber-terrorism and Computer Network Operations and Information Assurance and Operational Security and a whole bunch of other Information Operations of interest to most of the readership here.

Within the FBI, there exists a division dedicated to investigating and prosecuting criminals on the internet. Welcome to the front lines of the war on cybercrime, where Special Agent Jennifer Marsh (Diane Lane) has seen it all . . . until now. A tech-savvy internet predator is displaying his graphic murders on his own website — and the fate of each of his tormented captives is left in the hands of the public: the more hits his site gets, the faster his victims die. When this game of cat and mouse becomes personal, Marsh and her team must race against the clock to track down this mastermind who is virtually untraceable.

It might suck, but then again, it might not.  If it doesn’t, a lot of people will be talking about CYOP.



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3 responses to “Untraceable

  1. Naomi

    Saw “UNTRACEABLE” at a test screening in October and it is a really good film. Very suspenseful and intense. Can’t guarantee how authentic it is but I believe the FBI were involved in it. Diane Lane is superb in it. Definately worth seeing.

  2. Hey Naomi, thanks for the review.
    Do YOU think the movie will increase awareness among the general population about America’s vulnerabilities in the information realm?

  3. suek

    Gosh…that sounds like an episode I saw on TV…! Ran about 2 yrs ago… Let’s see…..on …”Without a Trace”. Hmmm. I guess one hour of suspense wasn’t painful enough!