CTC Sentinel

Take a look.   I liked Countering Terrorist Use of the Web as a Weapon

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  1. As Tina Brown, the doyenne of post-modern
    media, has pointed out: the “conjunction of
    21st-century internet speed and 12th-century
    fanaticism has turned our world into a

    I saw advocacy for fixing the problem, but nothing concrete as to how they think it should be done.

  2. Freeper jveritas could tell them.

    Think what you and I could do, Star, if we spoke and read and typed Arabic.

  3. I wonder how many interpreters for the military have gotten out, and if they are up for the civilian side of the fight?

  4. Nearly all the terps ARE civilians.

  5. Really?! I had no idea. Hmmm… maybe they should be recruited as Civilian Irregulars…

  6. Civilian Irregulars seem to recruit themselves and then gravitate towards whoever is doing something they can do.