Whoever is able to make you believe in absurdities will also be able to make you commit atrocities

If this story is not true, then it is an excellent example of propaganda.  If it is true, and my experiences with the TSA and the security industry in general cause me to give it more credence than others might, this story is a devastating indictment of what my country has become. 

Homeland Security my ass.  Sorry Coasties.  I still love y’all, but you’re lumped in with a dysfunctional abortion that never should have been allowed to see the light of day.

H/T:  Michael Tanji, who got it from Matt Armstrong


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  1. Just goes to show that Bush needs to be more stubborn about giving into his compassionate conservatism than being stubborn on Iraq against Democrats.

  2. ?
    What does whatever happened to Ms. Lillendahl have to do with Bush or Democrats or compassionate conservatism?

  3. The treatment of Ms. Lillendahl would have been MUCH different had she been a hijab, I would bet.

  4. Homeland Security was resisted by Bush, but not because he didn’t want a government solution. Once he gets stuck on a belief or principle, sometimes religious and sometimes not, bush will usually stick with it unless his advisers and other people convince him otherwise. In the instance of Homeland security or any other government solution to security, all his advisers were invested in creating a government solution. This coincided with the Democrat belief that control is power and thus control over people gives power and self-justification to the government.

    Thus Bush in wishing to help people, have put those people under other people that really never knew what they were doing. The only competent branch of the government that you can count upon is the US military.

    Bush should really resist giving into the automatic desire to solve a problem utilizing the government. It would be better for everyone.

  5. Defense of the homeland is a military mission in most countries. America chose to make it a law enforcement function. We chose poorly.

    We need to do away with the Department of Homeland Security. We need to defend the land frontiers with barriers under observation and covered by automatic weapons fire. We need to vet frequent travelers and issue them biometric Get Out Of Screening Free cards.

    We need to be screening for hijackers, not weapons.
    And we need to make the Airlines responsible for who and what gets on their planes. Airlines can be boycotted and sued when they mistreat people. TSA has been getting away with sodomizing flyers with barbwire wrapped baseball bats.

  6. Doug

    Bill guts border fence requirement
    Republican presidential hopeful Duncan Hunter is blasting a Democrat-sponsored bill that would eliminate the requirement passed by Congress to build a double-layered fence covering 854 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border.

    Massive spending bill will alter fence law

    “By eliminating the double fence requirement, the Democratic Congress is going to make it easier for drug and human smugglers to cross our Southern land border,” said Hunter. “This goes against the interests of any family that has been touched by illegal drugs or any American who has seen their job taken by an illegal alien.”

    The Omnibus Consolidated Appropriations bill would specifically eliminate the mandate of the Secure Fence Act of 2006.

    As WND reported last week, an amendment submitted by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, and co-sponsored by Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, for the Department of Homeland Security 2008 budget was aimed at gutting the already-approved Secure Fence Act, which was adopted with the promise hundreds of miles of physical fencing would help secure the U.S. border with Mexico.

    . The recent arrest of a man tied to Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) may portend growing trend of incursions into other U.S. cities by the extremely violent gang.

  7. suek

    >>The only competent branch of the government that you can count upon is the US military.>>

    And even the military is incompetent. You need wars to weed out the idiots – during peacetime, you get a buildup of bureaucrats, and that results in disastrous results during the early phases of war.

    I suspect the only reason we did as well as we did in Iraq is due to Tommy Thompson, who had real war experience in Vietnam. No disrespect to the leaders of Desert Storm, but it didn’t last lont enough to result in _any_ weeding out of incompetence.

  8. The primary difference in human motivation is not experience or not, when speaking of the military, but about what they actually want.

    A person with experience can do great harm or great good or mess things up just because his goals conflicted with the greater good of America for some reason or the other.

    Certainly what you say about peacetime and wartime generals is true, suek, but the DoS could be as competent as the best trained and gifted diplomats of human history, they would still not be on America’s side due to the fact that they don’t want it enough.

    They don’t see a reward through working with Americans and helping Americans. They DO see a reward in helping Saudis and the Chinese, though.

    Power corrupts because power tries to convince you to do what it wants, instead of the other way around.

    When a man’s will is no longer his own, when he is owned by another, then it does not matter how competent or not that man is. Put him in charge and what will be done is what the people in charge want, period.

    Bush just doesn’t happen to own most of DoS or the bureacracy of the US.

    This is a nice morale raising story about true intentions.

    Your strength is as the strength of 10 when your heart is pure

    Diplomats do not have pure hearts. Not in the way I judge it at least.

    So this gets back to my original distinction, which is that the military is competent not because they always have wartime generals, but because the military is full of people that is motivated from root to branch in securing, preserving, and ensuring that America is all that she can be.

    This is compared to the motivation of most diplomats and bureacrats (politicians too), in that they wish to see that America provides them as much riches and power as America can.

    Motivation is key, all else comes afterwards.

    If you don’t have the “intent”, then it isn’t going to get done. No matter what the government is styled as, no matter how skilled, competent, or experienced the members of that government are.

  9. sol vason

    What happened to that girl is called “increased border security to keep out illegal immigrants.” Illegal aliens have no rights and therefore she was denied food, water, sleep, dignity and things were done to her which would be called rape, kidnapping, assault and battery but are not prosecutable because these people have sovereigbn immunity.

    If homeland security plans to rape all aliens, perhaps it should publicize this fact. That will keep them from coming here and drinking our water, eating our food and breathing our air. Let us hope there is no reciprocity.