” This is nonsense on stilts ”

But if the best possible scenario ever unfolds, if peace arrives even in Baghdad, if the government becomes truly moderate and representative, if rainbows break out in the skies and the fields fill with smiling children and bunny rabbits, somebody, somewhere, will complain that Iraq has been taken over by the imperial powers of Kentucky Fried Chicken and Starbucks.   21st Century Ernie Pyle Michal Totten, via StarCMC by way of Tennessean4Bush



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3 responses to “” This is nonsense on stilts ”

  1. Sounds a lot like an old motto I used to hear around Merrill Barracks:

    Never walk away from a deficiency

    I don’t have the time or the energy to challenge everything.

    If there were more of us who gave a rat’s ass the few of us who do wouldn’t have to work at it so hard.

  2. That is probably because Iraq’s best chance of being secure was through becoming part of an Empire. America didn’t have the necessary Imperial infrastructure, so it was a bit hard on Iraqi women and children being blown up in market places.

    That’s the price of not being an Empire for you.