Unsung Hero

Distinguished Service Crosses ain’t easy to get.  One might think that an Army would use the occassion of awarding recognition for valor to reinforce the perception among the people that their Army has some extraordinary people serving in it.  Think again.

Earlier Wednesday at Fort Wainright, Casey presented a Distinguished Service Cross, an award second only to the Medal of Honor, to Sgt. Gregory Williams, who is assigned to the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division.

Google it yourself and see what you can find.  This story is almost buried!

From the Army Times:

It was Oct. 30, 2006, when insurgents attacked William’s Stryker vehicle during a late-night patrol of a Baghdad neighborhood.

A barrage of explosively formed projectiles “punched through the Stryker’s armor, penetrating the engine compartment, sending a fireball through the interior of the vehicle,” according to an Army narrative of the attack.

Williams was knocked out initially. After regaining consciousness, he carried a badly wounded 1st Lt. Aaron Williams to safety, despite the burns he suffered to his legs during the ambush.

Then under heavy enemy fire, he ran back to the smoldering Stryker and fired the .50 caliber machine gun until the enemy was forced to flee the area, the narrative states.

“Sgt. Williams, though he had been knocked out, sustained [burns] to his legs, and two punctured ear drums that required surgery, thought nothing of his own welfare, and concerned himself with the health and safety of his comrades,” the narrative states.

“He took control of the platoon’s most powerful weapon and used it to gain fire superiority over the enemy, defending his soldiers while exposing himself to the risk of serious injury or death.”

We need our heroes.  Why are they being hidden from us?

 This is totally unsat.  907-353-6701 is the phone number to the Fort Wainwright Public Affairs Office.  Call them and ask them why SGT Williams gets no publicity.

UPDATE: The Army is a day late and a dollar short.



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3 responses to “Unsung Hero

  1. Got a little bit confused while reading :S

  2. Wow — you’d think there might have been some big stories to keep that out of the news, right? Nope.

  3. Pro-active action means not waiting until after the fact to do somethng. Given that the philosophy is still “military should not conduct propaganda operations against Americans”, it is rather self-limiting at all levels of the military institution.

    The military recruiters might be able to do a better job, although that’s not counting for much since advertisement for the military seems totally disconnected from the awards ceremonies of the military.