“Blitzkrieg of the Mind”

Dawn of the Cognetic Age
Fighting Ideological War by Putting Thought in Motion with Impact

Many terms and concepts held over from the Industrial Age prevent us from thinking and communicating clearly about new threats we face in the Cognetic Age. For example, propaganda does not fit today’s decentralized information-communication environment because we associate it with the centralized control and management of information and communications that reflected the concentration of power during the Industrial Age. With the advent of the Internet and globalization, this concentration of power no longer exists in the hands of the few; indeed, many people now have access to it. This shift in power is the defining feature of the Cognetic Age. Moreover, considerable negative baggage has attached itself to propaganda, a word continually used to describe almost any activity having to do with influencing perceptions, whether for good or ill. This intellectual burden stifles our ability to fight ideological war by tying our minds and tongues to the dogmas of the past.

Pictures of dead women and children, the “collateral damage” of war, carry more explosive weight than a B-52—a weight measured not in tons of explosives but in negative perception, which translates to reduced public support for government policies and initiatives.  Acting like a ball and chain, reduced support impairs the ability of governments to prosecute a long-term war without suffering significant political consequences.

To win, we must neutralize militant Islam’s advantage in the global media.

Ordnance = Content

Delivery Platforms = Global Media

Target = Public Opinion

Because we do not censor the Internet or transnational television, images of death and destruction from terror attacks speed unimpeded (like Germany’s tanks and aircraft) across the flat plains of the global media directly to our TV screens and computer monitors, delivering a mental blitzkrieg attack measured not in explosive weight but in the weight of perception.

Kinetic fire commands like Gunner, coax, TROOPS! morph into cognetic fire commands like Blogger, comments, MOONBATS!
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4 responses to ““Blitzkrieg of the Mind”

  1. YES

    Observation, synthesis and action are the essence of applied Anthropology. Info WAR is the production of observation, synthesis and action.


  2. We need to anthropologize IO. It’s not just for Regulars anymore.

  3. Petraeus releasing that COIN manual of his was a nice touch. Others might simply have classified it and made it available to a select few, but not Petraeus. He pushed to have it be available to all.

    As with all things about war, one has to start somewhere with some kind of foundation before continuing on to more advanced concepts.

  4. I recall the Marines at TQ posting a link to a .pdf version of FM 3-24 on the 2d MLG homepage so that anybody on the NIPR could study it. Great for fobbits to maximize when somebody gets behind them.