First Reports Are Always Inaccurate

Gunman Kills Eight, Then Kills Himself, at Omaha Shopping Mall

Grenades, camouflage, confusion.

Hug your wives and children, boys, and start packing heat.

Michael Tanji warned those who were listening.

Updates as I get ’em.

19-year old going out in style?

KETV 7 streaming video courtesy TomGuy

Robert Hawken, 19-year old from Cellview?  Staying in a house in Quail Creek?  Suicide note brought in by his mother.

I’ve been overseas too long.  Listening to the witnesses cry on Omaha TV had me thinking Geez, it’s SAF, return fire or get the hell out of the way.  But the good people of Omaha aren’t used to SAF, or incoming, or bad things happening like that. 



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6 responses to “First Reports Are Always Inaccurate

  1. Civilization tends to have this weird cycle of anarchy and chaos combined with civilization and decadence. It is totally weird. It is sort of like the fracking prey/predator cycle. More prey equals more predators. More predators equals less prey. Less prey equals less predators. Less predators equal more prey.

    Replace “prey” with wealth and decadence, and “predators” with criminals, barbarians, and other people that don’t go by the book, and you get the cycle more or less.

    God or nature must have quite a plan. Endless entertainment as well.

    Hey, those jihadists better be paying attention here. These are the stuff they need to study if they want to bring terror to more than Iraqis and American soldiers.

  2. Snowshoe rabbits and lynx.
    Americans are going to have to harden themselves while they wait for .gov and businesses to upgrade citizen/customer protection. There aren’t enough sheep dogs to protect the flock. Some sheep are going to have to become rams.

  3. “Some sheep are going to have to become rams.”

    Reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s song, “Sheep:”

    Wave upon wave of demented avengers
    March cheerfully out of obscurity into the dream.

    I like ymarsakar’s “cycle” analogy. I’d say this society is so smitten with the superficial that it’s quickly losing it’s soul. It certainly lost many of it’s long held principles a while back. With some work one could analogize this to the collapse of the Roman Republic and subsequent Principate.

  4. I’m old enough to join the ranks of curmudgeons decrying the softness of this society, and I do my part, but this society stumbles on, and somehow finds within its ranks the steel to survive.

  5. Read the sample chapters from Tom Kratman’s latest, subadei.


    He posits a world in which America has swung on the other end of the “cycle”.

  6. Dang! I’m getting that book!