What the SecDef Didn’t Call For, But Should Have

MountainRunner, writing under his meatspace name in SWJ, explains what SECDEF was trying to do last Monday, and what my .mil buddy was seeking our input on a week ago.  Hmmmm.  You don’t think that Regular sought out the opinions of Irregular Auxiliaries to gain insight into how it might play in Peoria, do you?  Anyway, I want to thank my commenters on that thread.  I don’t know and I may never know if we made any difference, but I suspect that we did, and that suspicion is enough for now.

Go on over to SWJ and read.  Much as I sincerely appreciate your comments here, many more eyes will see what you have to say over there.   



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4 responses to “What the SecDef Didn’t Call For, But Should Have

  1. Thanks CAA. I appreciate the hits.

  2. Yeah, you sent me traffic. They had to come through you to get to me, at least my WordPress stats say so

    My readership is small but elite.